Burns Nowlan LLP – How Can We Help You?

A great many people often react to events which arise in their everyday lives –  you have just put a deposit on your new home you then look to find a Solicitor or you are involved in an accident you look around to see which firm is best placed to help you.

However have you ever thought about establishing a working relationship with your Solicitor before something arises. Maybe you have moved into a new town or you are thinking you might buy a house in a year or two. At Burns Nowlan LLP we are eager to establish a long term working relationship with clients both new and old.

As you go through life the advice you require often changes. Your will might need updating to take account of a change in your circumstances. If you suffer an injury you may be entitled to compensation. If you are going through a separation or divorce you will need expert guidance and advice.

So, instead of waiting for something to happen why not call into our offices at 31 Main Street, Newbridge and meet our team over a coffee or tea. We will be delighted to have a chat, tell you about our firm so that if you never need legal advice at any time in the future you know who and where to call.

Feel free to ring Sally at 045 432382 and she can make an appointment to suit you.

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