The current economic crisis has resulted in many people seeking legal advice in relation to recovering money which might be owed to them or their businesses. At the same time advice has also become increasingly important for people against whom legal proceedings have been issued for the recovery of a money owed to Banks, Finance Companies, Credit Unions or Building Societies.

We can assure you that we have vast experience in representing clients either in the defence of legal proceedings, or in the issuing of legal proceedings.

If you have been sued or notified that legal proceedings will be issued against you, it is vital that you contact us without delay. There are time limits imposed once legal proceedings have been issued, and they have to be observed, otherwise judgement can be obtained against you without further notification.

If you require assistance in preparing a Schedule of your assets or in discussing your problems with a Bank or Building Society, we will only be too pleased to assist you. We have represented many clients in reaching agreements with Financial Institutions relating to the restructuring of their loans or repayment proposals.

If your Mortgage is in arrears we can also assist you in discussing the issue with your Bank or Building Society and agreeing steps to avoiding repossession. It is essential however that immediate action is taken by you – delay will not help in the resolution of your problems.

Contact our office now for an immediate first consultation when we will assess the issue(s) concerning you and whether and/or how we can be of assistance. If we agree to act on your behalf we will then issue you with our formal Terms of Engagement.

We litigate on behalf of clients and we are successful.

Our results show it.

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