You will have possibly agonized and deliberated for a long period of time before making a decision to move an elderly or disabled loved one into a nursing home or treatment facility. That decision is normally made after you or your family decide that a home environment cannot provide the appropriate care, treatment and safety that a loved one needs and deserves.

However learning that vulnerable, elderly and disabled residents of nursing homes and care facilities might have suffered neglect and abuse can be extremely traumatic and unsettling. The recent television report of conditions in the nursing home investigated and the treatment meted to residents was extremely troubling. There are many ways that elderly and disabled abuse can occur: untreated and neglected bedsores, malnutrition, dehydration, medication errors, inadequate staffing, inadequate security, inadequate supervision, sexual and/or physical assault, unsanitary and unclean conditions, unexplained injuries that may arise from staff abuse and unauthorised access and use of monies.

Burns Nowlan represent families and clients who have suffered as a result of  nursing home abuse and neglect. We pursue these cases primarily to highlight operators whose nursing homes or care facilities may have taken advantage of the elderly or disabled and in order to secure compensation for the person concerned or their family.

If you suspect that a family member or loved one has been  subjected to any of the forms of abuse specified above and are unsure how to proceed you can contact our office immediately . You can raise your concerns in a confidential and sympathetic setting.

Please ask for Gerard Burns or Jennifer O Sullivan.

We litigate on behalf of clients and we are successful.

Our results show it.

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