The area of Employment Law has changed dramatically over the last ten to fifteen years. There is now in place a wide range of legislation which outlines the rights of employees, the duties imposed on employers and the procedures to be followed for work place grievances and disputes.

If as an Employee you have been dismissed from your job without reason or have been forced to leave your job as a result of the behaviour and actions of your employer or co-workers you are entitled to submit a claim for UNFAIR DISMISSAL. In addition, if your Employer has failed to furnish you with a Contract of Employment, attempts to change the terms of your employment without agreement or does not give you sufficient holidays you are entitled to file a complaint with the Workplace Relations Commission.

If you are an Employer, it is vital that you are aware of the various issues which  now arise in the workplace – Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination. You also have to ensure that your employees are aware of their employment rights. The only way that this can be achieved is by ensuring that you have a detailed CONTRACT OF EMPLOYMENT prepared. This contract will outline the duties expected of an employee, wages, holiday entitlements, grievance and disciplinary procedures.

Employees have statutory rights relating to HOLIDAYS, REDUNDANCY, WAGES, NOTICE AND WORK CONDITIONS AND TERMS.

We have represented both Employers and Employees at every level of the  Employment law process – Right Commissioner hearings, Employment Appeal Tribunal hearings, Labour Court and Circuit Court Appeals.

Contact our office now for an immediate first consultation when we will assess the issue(s) concerning you and whether and/or how we can be of assistance. If we agree to act on your behalf we will then issue you with our formal Terms of Engagement.

We litigate on behalf of clients and we are successful.

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