A Farmer who was denied cover by FBD when his farmhouse burnt down has settled his High Court action for an undisclosed amount. The insurers refused to pay out on the basis that the house was unoccupied and had been for some time before the date of the fire.

Mr. O’Shea from Beara, Co. Cork claimed his mother had been living in the house up to a year before the fire which occurred in June 2008. Although Mr. O’Shea lived in a separate house with his family he continued to run the farm and stayed in the farmhouse from time to time particularly when the animals were calving.

FBD settled the case for an undisclosed amount. Mr O’Shea intends to rebuild the original house.

  1. I have a similar problem with FBD where they refuse to pay for a fire in a shed that was used for damestic storage beside a farmhouse, they refuse to say what the building was being used for and claim it was a cublcle house for cattle even though there was no cattle for 20 years

    • Hi Danny,

      We have dealt with a number of similar cases. If you’d like to send us in the papers which FBD sent you we’d be more than happy to look at them for you. You do have rights under your policy and we can always refer the matter to arbitration.


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