If you have suffered an injury in a Car accident, at Work, on private or public property, or as a result of medical treatment, you may be entitled to receive compensation. However, you need to ensure that your claim is notified and filed as quickly as possible. There are time limits to different types of claims – any delay might result in your claim becoming statute barred [ i.e. you will not be entitled to proceed with your claim and recover compensation] You will need expert advice as to how your claim can be made, what procedures should be followed, and the length of time it will take to complete your claim successfully. Don’t delay – CONTACT OUR OFFICE NOW. We will need to inform the party responsible for your loss or injury and their insurance company of the specific details of your claim.  It may also be necessary for us to ensure that vital evidence is preserved for a future court action.

We will also ensure that you recover, once your claim has been successfully resolved, any loss of wages, travelling or medical expenses which you have incurred, or any earnings you hove lost as a result of the injury. If your car has been damaged you may also be entitled to the costs of hiring a replacement car.

You will receive from us expert guidance and professional and efficient service. Our goal is to ensure that you receive the compensation to which you are entitled for any injuries you have suffered.

We have extensive experience in pursuing injury claims on behalf of clients and recovering substantial compensation in the Circuit Court and High Court.

Contact our office now for an immediate first consultation when we will assess the issue(s) concerning you and whether and/or how we can be of assistance. If we agree to act on your behalf we will then issue you with our formal Terms of Engagement.

Note: In contentious business a Solicitor may not calculate fees or other charges as a percentage or proportion of any award or settlement.

We litigate on behalf of clients and we are successful.

Our results show it.

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