Burns Nowlan Solicitors have been at the forefront of the recent campaign to advise owners of cars affected by the Volkswagen emissions scandal of their statutory rights and entitlements.


A survey conducted among those interviewed by Burns Nowlan has found that the issues of most concern to owners of cars affected in Ireland are;


  • The implications on the trade in value of cars. Some car owners have discovered that other car dealers will not now accept affected cars as trade in for other vehicles.
  • Owners have paid for repairs to certain car parts which are now found to be associated with emissions.
  • The lack of response from Volkswagen and the sheer inadequacy of the letter received from Volkswagen Group Ireland Limited – particularly as no contact details were included in the letter.
  • Car owners had purchased VW cars , based on the advertised emissions standards and ratings, as their contribution towards decreasing pollution and global warming.
  • The uncertainty as to what , if anything, Volkswagen intend to do about the problems and how effective any proposed solution will be.
  • Possible implications to VRT.



If your car is affected by the emissions scandal contact us now – you can be assured that we will act speedily on your behalf.  See our Facebook page for recent updates. Download our Questionnaire now.



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