On 26 June 2013, Burns Nowlan Solicitors succeeded in settling a case against the HSE on behalf of a young mother who suffered a uterine inversion whilst giving birth to her second child at Portlaoise Hospital.

The incident occurred on 3 October 2009 when the Plaintiff presented at Portlaoise Hospital. Her waters broke at approximately 9 am and she gave birth to her daughter at 4.44 pm. Whilst delivering the afterbirth the midwife began to pull the placenta causing the Plaintiff excruciating pain. Despite the Plaintiff’s shouts for the midwife to stop, she continued to pull the placenta which resulted in the Plaintiff’s uterus being pulled from her body.

The Plaintiff was subsequently brought to Theatre where her uterus was reinserted. The Plaintiff spent three days in the intensive care unit after which she was discharged with no follow up support or counselling. The Plaintiff was profoundly shocked, distressed and upset after this ordeal.

It was the Plaintiff’s case that Portlaoise Hospital caused her personal injuries, loss, damage, inconvenience and expense due to their negligence and breach of duty insofar as they:-

  1. failed to exercise due or proper care, skill, competence, diligence and judgement in and about the management of the said birth and the aftermath of same;
  2. failed to provide competent staff who would exercise the degree of skill and care which the Plaintiff was entitled to expect;
  3. dismissed the concerns of the Plaintiff without properly assessing same;
  4. applied such excessive force to the placenta such as to dislodge the Plaintiff’s uterus;
  5. failed to provide/manage the Plaintiff’s baby’s birth and delivery of the placenta with the appropriate level of skill or care;
  6. failed to recognise or overlooked the fact that the Plaintiff was in great pain and distress;
  7. failed to heed or respond appropriately to the Plaintiff’s complaints;
  8. caused the Plaintiff unnecessary injury and distress;
  9. failed to provide sufficient and competent medical, midwifery or nursing staff for the care of the Plaintiff.
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