The Irish Times 19.09.2013

by Peter Murtagh 

New regulations to deal with motor tax exemptions for vehicles which are off the road come into effect next month.

From October 1st, people intending to keep their vehicles off the road, thereby avoiding the payment of motor tax, must declare in advance that it is to be taken off the road.

Up to now, drivers who kept a vehicle off the road after the expiry of their tax disc merely had to go to their local Garda station and declare the vehicle was off the road for the period claimed.

In the year to July 2012, 539,000 such declarations were made to gardai, constituting more than €110 million in unpaid taxes.

From October 1st, a new form, the FR150 must be filled out before a vehicle is taken off the road. If the form is not completed, vehicle owners will become liable for all motor tax arrears when they come to tax or sell the vehicle.

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