As and from the 1st. July 2013 a new procedure has been enacted for declaring a vehicle “off the road”.  If the owner of a vehicle now intends not to use a vehicle on the public road and therefore avoid paying the motor tax for that period the owner is now required to declare the vehicle off the road in advance pilule viagra pas cher.

This new procedure replaces the old system whereby the owner of a vehicle was entitled to declare a vehicle off the road after the period when it had not been used on the public road.

The Department of Transport Tourism and Sport have allowed a period of transition between 1st. July 2013 and 30th September 2013 during which the old [ i.e. making a declaration that a vehicle was off the road with the Garda Siochana ] and the new system will apply.

After the 30th. September 2013 owners will be liable for all motor tax arrears before a new motor tax disc can be issued. Motor vehicle owners in arrears will not be able to make a declaration of non-use until arrears and  a minimum of three months tax are paid.

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