RichardPortlaoise Hospital apologised to the family of Richard De Souza who died from toxic shock syndrome following a streptococcal infection.

He had been taken to hospital by his parents with chickenpox and swelling under his left arm but was discharged after being prescribed antibiotics. He died 18 hours later.

The High Court approved a payment of €160,000 to Richard’s parents for wrongful death and nervous shock. This includes €25,400 for wrongful death which is the maximum statutory payment which can be made. Ms. Justice Mary Irvine approved the settlement, expressing her deepest sympathy to the De Souzas. She acknowledged that the amount set for loss of life was ‘very small’ but this was set by Government.

His parents Flavia and Ralmon have been left devastated by this terrible tragedy but have found some comfort and closure from today’s events.

Ann Nowlan from our offices speaks to RTE news about the outcome:-


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