This Act provides that Agency workers must have equal treatment with regular workers in respect of:
● Pay – including basic pay, shift premium and overtime
● The duration of working time, rest periods and shift work
● Night Work
● Annual Leave ; Public Holidays

In addition  Agency workers are to have equal access to all facilities provided to regular workers such as :
*Childcare  *Canteen *Car Parking *Protective Clothing *Equal Access to information about permanent employment opportunities.

Under the provisions of the Act the above terms and conditions are referred to as basic working and employment conditions.

This Act was signed into law on the 16th May 2012.  In relation to equal right to pay the Act has a retrospective effect to the 5th December 2011. The Act applies to all agency workers who have been assigned by an employment agency to work for or under the direction and/or supervision of a “hirer” [being a person other than the employment agency] . This Act strengthens the legal rights and entitlements of Agency workers and ensures that they are treated and accorded similar rights as regular workers employed directly by an employer.  Depending on the particular contravention of the terms of the Act either the employment agency or the hirer can he held liable under the Act. The hirer is responsible if it has failed to provide such information in its possession as the employment agency might reasonably require to enable the agency to comply with its obligations under the Act.

If you have any queries about your current contract of Employment or your entitlements either as a permanent employee or as a Temporary Agency workerplease do not hesitate to contact us by E-mailing  Ann Nowlan or Gerard Burns of Burns Nowlan Solicitors at

If you have any queries about this article or your legal rights or entitlements please contact us immediately.

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