Refund of Stamp Duty on the construction of one off houses

If you bought a site for the sole purpose of building a single dwelling unit on it you may be entitled to claim a refund from the Revenue Commissioners of the Stamp Duty paid on the purchase. Stamp Duty is paid at the higher rate of duty  [ currently 7.5% ] applicable to non-residential purchases.

Conditions for the refund:

  • You must file a Stamp Duty return and pay Stamp Duty at the non-residential rate on the transfer.
  • You must have received a stamp certificate.
  • You must commence building within 30 months of the date of the transfer of the land to you.
  • You must develop the required proportion of the land for residential purposes.
  • You can make your claim after you commence building work.
  • You must make your claim electronically.

You must upload the following documents when making your claim:

  • the Declaration in pdf format provided by the Revenue Commissioners;
  • a copy of the instrument that transferred ownership of the land to you
  • a copy of the email from the relevant Local Authority that acknowledged the Commencement Notice or 7 Day Notice as valid. This is a crucial document when claiming the refund. In addition you must complete the work within two [2] years of the Local Authority acknowledging the Commencement Notice as valid.

To qualify for a refund of Stamp Duty you must commence building work:

  • in accordance with the Commencement Notice that has been acknowledged as valid
  • within 30 months after the date the land was transferred to you
  • and
  • on or before 31 December 2021.

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