“All non-married couples looking to move in together should give serious consideration to entering into a co-habitation agreement to safe guard for the future should the relationship end through death or otherwise.”

Before joining Burns Nowlan LLP Jennifer worked with hundreds of clients who, as children, were abused while resident in industrial schools and other similar institutions. The Residential Institutions Redress Board had been established by the Government in 2002 to assess compensation payable to people who were affected by their experiences in those homes.

Jennifer now specialises in Family Law, Litigation, Employment Law and Social Justice and has built up a considerable reputation in representing clients in the District Court, Circuit Court and High Court.

In addition, Jennifer can offer expert advice on the drafting of separation agreements and applications for Judicial Separation and Divorce Decrees and co-habitation agreements which are growing in importance for couples who live together but choose not to marry.

Jennifer is a skilled and well-respected practitioner within the District and Circuit Court where she appears weekly on behalf of a wide range of clients in relation to applications for domestic violence, guardianship, access, maintenance and custody.

Jennifer  is now a Mediator accredited by the Incorporated Law Society of Ireland, a member of the Mediators Institute of Ireland ( MII ) as well as being an associate member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in Ireland ( CIArb ).

As Court hearings are regularly delayed Jennifer can now offer other Solicitors and their clients Mediation as an alternative dispute resolution method. The advantage of mediation over other dispute resolution methods is that is a faster and indeed less costly method by which disputes can be resolved.

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