Matthew has successfully represented clients in the Circuit Criminal Court and Court of Criminal Appeal. In addition he has also been involved in many complex Judicial Review cases relating to criminal convictions and the rights of asylum seekers to remain in Ireland.

Matthew has acted on behalf of a substantial number of foreign clients in successful applications to the Irish Nationalisation and Immigration Service for Asylum, Immigration, Citizenship and Visa matters.

“The regulations governing these areas have become more complex and demanding. It is essential that all the relevant information is furnished and that queries are replied to immediately. I have successfully represented clients from Brazil, Nigeria, Sierra Leon and other non E U countries. If you have been refused permission to remain in Ireland please contact me immediately as you may be entitled to Appeal the decision or apply to the High Court for a review of the decision”

Matthew was one of the first Solicitors in Ireland to call for the setting up of a redress scheme for prisoners in the wake of the landmark Supreme Court decision that prisoners rights to privacy were being violated by out of date practices in Irish prisons [ see Irish 19/09/2017 ]. He has since gone on to successfully represent over a thousand clients in the redress scheme subsequently set up by the Government.